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Does Porn Addiction Exist?

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There are numerous discussions on what is porn addiction and whether it actually exists. Many people claim this is nonsense, and the issue of porn addiction was merely invented to keep them from watching porn, while the activity itself is harmless.

However, many scientists and especially those who suffer from porn addiction state the opposite. Thousands of people, including some famous actors, sports stars, and musicians, claim they have been fighting with their unhealthy interest to sex videos for years. Some of them state they have this problem since teenage years, for many, their love for adult movies has ruined their marriage and generally their relationships.

The scientists have long stated that addiction to pornography exists and it is very much alike to all other types of addiction – for example, to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. However, the most recent studies show that this is not the case. According to researchers who monitored hundreds of people watching porn, researching their brain at the same time, addiction to pornography is a totally different thing.

The brain of passionate sex video loves reacts in a different way than in other addicts, and this gives scientists hints on how to treat this condition. While they do not claim that the problem does not exist, because there are too many users who face it, they state that terminology defines treatment, and therefore, calling this condition addiction is wrong.

What Is Porn Addiction

This type of unhealthy passion is love for watching porn movies (the person can either masturbate or even not) for prolonged periods of time, and the person is almost unable to stop doing this on their own. At the same time, the addicts experience the negative influence of their activities on their life – they lose the ability to have sex with their lovers or spouses in real life, they watch porn in the office instead of working, and long hours at night instead of sleeping.

Some people can state that they also have these porn watching episodes from time to time, when they get excited and can’t stop, watching sex movies all night. But these episodes do not turn into their usual life.

Consequences of Porn Addiction

Those who suffer the condition name direct consequences immediately – lack of sleep, lack of proper self-care, inability to communicate and make sex with the lover or spouse, inability to focus on their work, lack of general focus.

The more long-term consequences include the inability to get sexual arousal without watching a sex video and support sexual activity without sex movie being watched. As a result, lovers and spouses usually leave, as no one is able to compete with a video. After the spouse leaves, many of those who experience the condition increases the amount of time spent on watching the adult content, aggravating the health issues.