Why Pornstars Adopt Pseudonyms

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The majority of porn stars adopt pseudonyms. Many people believe this is done to make sure their real names will not be known to the public. This makes sense, of course, because the actors’ real names are kept only in agreements and other documents, while the public knows a pseudonym.

Surely you would say it makes no sense at the same time since everybody sees the actor’s face and therefore can recognize them in the street. But the reality is, only very well-known porn stars will be recognized in the street, especially without makeup, hairstyle, and with clothes all over their body. Plus, only very dedicated fans who know their favorite performers very well, and actually live at least in the same state with these performers will be able to see them on the street somewhere. Come on, you rarely spot a neighbor in the downtown despite the fact you two live in the same city. The chances of seeing a pornstar you really know, and making sure this is the person you think they are, are extremely low.

On the other hand, very famous and well-paid performers do not hide their names; some porn actors and actresses even start big businesses or participate in local politics. So these people are for sure not afraid to make their name known.

Another Reason

Another, less obvious reason for adopting a pseudonym is increasing the chances of being remembered by the viewer. The majority of names average people have are nice, but also average. A porn star called Ann Smith will not remain in your memory. In addition, there is already one and only Ann Smith the whole world knows. So the next Ann Smith stands no chances.

As a result, most performers, especially female, adopt bright and eye-catching names that stick in the memory. Nikki Benz, Nessa Devil or Brandy Love are easier to remember and recall the next time the user visits a porn site. This means the model gets remembered, rated higher, and become more popular and better paid.

Of course, some performers go one step too far with choosing a cool name. Eventually, we can meet the following ridiculous names:

  • Ginger Vitis;
  • Rocky Balboner;
  • Fanny Deep;
  • Tom Wanks;
  • Kelly Lingus;
  • John Cutesack;
  • Anita Softwood;
  • Clint Orris;
  • Lucy Lips;
  • Bill Clitton;
  • Teen LaQueefa;
  • Ben Dover;
  • Cherry Poppins;
  • Vangelina Holie;
  • Buck Naked;
  • Ana Lee;
  • Luke Thighwalker;
  • Justine Beaver;
  • Jenny Thalia.

However, even these funny and hilarious names make you remember them, and probably if you watch a performer with such name in the actual video, chances are you will recall them later, and if they were good enough, you will search for them in the search bar of your favorite porn site.

This is what pseudonyms are for – not only to hide the real name but to stick in the memory and trying to impress the viewer. Recall some of your favorite performers – we bet half of them are using pseudonyms and this is one of the reasons why you are even able to recall their faces.

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