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Best Porn Sites With Recent Content

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What can be more sad and boring than watching the same old sex videos again and again? many platforms fail to provide regular updates for their content, and the users see the same content day after day. of course, one can go and search online for another website, but people do not like doing it these days.

Firstly, not each and every website has the categories of videos user prefers to watch. Of course, some basic things are the same, but each resource tries to lure the viewers with something specific so that they could enjoy what they like there, and nowhere else.

Secondly, certain platforms are super convenient, user-friendly, has a simple and intuitive interface, so the users hate the very idea of changing the place where they are used to watching porn movies, to a new and different place where they will have to face new glitches and crappy design. Some websites are just too awesome.

Thirdly, there are too many dangers lurking around on the Internet these days, especially around such content like porn. So, it is totally understandable that people are reluctant to go and look for a new place with adult content. What if it turns out fraudulent? What if they catch a virus there? What if their sensitive data is stolen?

As a result, people sit on the same website, even if the content is not updated very often. However, there is a way out of this situation. Check out the list of top popular and at the same time safe adult resources you can visit for fresh content! Find the best porn site to your liking and enjoy only recent videos.

List Of Top Adult Sites

These websites are among the most popular and visited. They are tested by time and thousands of users:

  • xVideos;
  • PornHub;
  • YouPorn;
  • YouJizz;
  • Porn;
  • Tube8;
  • DoctorTuber;
  • VPorn;
  • KeezMovies;
  • Nuvid;
  • SunPorno;
  • PornHD;
  • Porn300;
  • SexVid;
  • ZbPorn;
  • XXXBunker;
  • Xbabe;
  • PornDroids;
  • TubeSexer;
  • PornRox;
  • PornMaki;
  • Pornid;
  • Inxporn;
  • Slutload;
  • ProPorn;
  • FakePorn;
  • Pornhost;
  • HandjobHub;
  • BeFuck;
  • DansMovies;
  • Fapdu;
  • Eroxia;
  • Xxvids;
  • ApeTube;
  • Nu-Bay.

Visiting one of these places (or why one, check out several or even each of them!), you do not risk with your sensitive data or your security. These are trusted and reliable platforms thousands of people enjoy on a regular basis.

Another important aspect about each of them is that they provide fresh and recent content every day, literally. The staff behind these businesses is pretty numerous, so they can afford buying and placing very fresh and various sex movies every day. You will see new offers each time you visit the website, so no boring search on the 10th page of the website to spot a movie you have not seen yet.

You can go and give it a try on every item from the list. The chances are high you will fall in love with some of the platforms due to their professional approach to providing you only the best content and supporting your entertainment the best ways possible. The titles in the list are solid and reputable businesses that have been in the industry, and in the cyberspace, for long years.

Does Porn Addiction Exist?

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There are numerous discussions on what is porn addiction and whether it actually exists. Many people claim this is nonsense, and the issue of porn addiction was merely invented to keep them from watching porn, while the activity itself is harmless.

However, many scientists and especially those who suffer from porn addiction state the opposite. Thousands of people, including some famous actors, sports stars, and musicians, claim they have been fighting with their unhealthy interest to sex videos for years. Some of them state they have this problem since teenage years, for many, their love for adult movies has ruined their marriage and generally their relationships.

The scientists have long stated that addiction to pornography exists and it is very much alike to all other types of addiction – for example, to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. However, the most recent studies show that this is not the case. According to researchers who monitored hundreds of people watching porn, researching their brain at the same time, addiction to pornography is a totally different thing.

The brain of passionate sex video loves reacts in a different way than in other addicts, and this gives scientists hints on how to treat this condition. While they do not claim that the problem does not exist, because there are too many users who face it, they state that terminology defines treatment, and therefore, calling this condition addiction is wrong.

What Is Porn Addiction

This type of unhealthy passion is love for watching porn movies (the person can either masturbate or even not) for prolonged periods of time, and the person is almost unable to stop doing this on their own. At the same time, the addicts experience the negative influence of their activities on their life – they lose the ability to have sex with their lovers or spouses in real life, they watch porn in the office instead of working, and long hours at night instead of sleeping.

Some people can state that they also have these porn watching episodes from time to time, when they get excited and can’t stop, watching sex movies all night. But these episodes do not turn into their usual life.

Consequences of Porn Addiction

Those who suffer the condition name direct consequences immediately – lack of sleep, lack of proper self-care, inability to communicate and make sex with the lover or spouse, inability to focus on their work, lack of general focus.

The more long-term consequences include the inability to get sexual arousal without watching a sex video and support sexual activity without sex movie being watched. As a result, lovers and spouses usually leave, as no one is able to compete with a video. After the spouse leaves, many of those who experience the condition increases the amount of time spent on watching the adult content, aggravating the health issues.

Why Pornstars Adopt Pseudonyms

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The majority of porn stars adopt pseudonyms. Many people believe this is done to make sure their real names will not be known to the public. This makes sense, of course, because the actors’ real names are kept only in agreements and other documents, while the public knows a pseudonym.

Surely you would say it makes no sense at the same time since everybody sees the actor’s face and therefore can recognize them in the street. But the reality is, only very well-known porn stars will be recognized in the street, especially without makeup, hairstyle, and with clothes all over their body. Plus, only very dedicated fans who know their favorite performers very well, and actually live at least in the same state with these performers will be able to see them on the street somewhere. Come on, you rarely spot a neighbor in the downtown despite the fact you two live in the same city. The chances of seeing a pornstar you really know, and making sure this is the person you think they are, are extremely low.

On the other hand, very famous and well-paid performers do not hide their names; some porn actors and actresses even start big businesses or participate in local politics. So these people are for sure not afraid to make their name known.

Another Reason

Another, less obvious reason for adopting a pseudonym is increasing the chances of being remembered by the viewer. The majority of names average people have are nice, but also average. A porn star called Ann Smith will not remain in your memory. In addition, there is already one and only Ann Smith the whole world knows. So the next Ann Smith stands no chances.

As a result, most performers, especially female, adopt bright and eye-catching names that stick in the memory. Nikki Benz, Nessa Devil or Brandy Love are easier to remember and recall the next time the user visits a porn site. This means the model gets remembered, rated higher, and become more popular and better paid.

Of course, some performers go one step too far with choosing a cool name. Eventually, we can meet the following ridiculous names:

  • Ginger Vitis;
  • Rocky Balboner;
  • Fanny Deep;
  • Tom Wanks;
  • Kelly Lingus;
  • John Cutesack;
  • Anita Softwood;
  • Clint Orris;
  • Lucy Lips;
  • Bill Clitton;
  • Teen LaQueefa;
  • Ben Dover;
  • Cherry Poppins;
  • Vangelina Holie;
  • Buck Naked;
  • Ana Lee;
  • Luke Thighwalker;
  • Justine Beaver;
  • Jenny Thalia.

However, even these funny and hilarious names make you remember them, and probably if you watch a performer with such name in the actual video, chances are you will recall them later, and if they were good enough, you will search for them in the search bar of your favorite porn site.

This is what pseudonyms are for – not only to hide the real name but to stick in the memory and trying to impress the viewer. Recall some of your favorite performers – we bet half of them are using pseudonyms and this is one of the reasons why you are even able to recall their faces.

Popular Porn Genres in 2019

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The genres of sex videos also enjoy an increase and a decrease in popularity. There are trends and trendsetters, so little surprise we see a different type of content promoted from one year to another.

Many categories become popular not because of what they are, but because of certain factors. For example, if a cool and famous performer starts making videos in a certain genre, all the fans are likely to go and watch this genre, so demand for it rises. Competing studios analyze the market and notice an increase of one particular category popularity, so they start making movies in it as well, to attract part of the public. Therefore, a new slice of the audience is presented to the highly promoted content. The cycle repeats itself, and eventually, we see all the porn industry working in one genre and more and more people searching for this one on their favorite platforms.

Setting trends in adult videos is tricky, but sometimes, it is not the people but technology. For example, when all the porn industry shifted from selling DVDs for watching them on TV, to creating shorter movies for online consumption, this shift gave birth to a whole bunch of new categories which were not available for DVDs.

Today, we see a fast development of virtual reality technology. Thousands of users buy paid subscriptions to the website that has VR videos, purchase devices to watch VR and enjoy the whole new world of porn. As a result, some genres become more popular, because VR is not adopted yet to each and every type of sex content we are already used to out there.

Genres In Favour

If talking about the human factor, these are the genres made popular in 2019 due to famous and talented performers:

  • lesbian;
  • MILF;
  • Ebony;
  • Japanese;
  • Anal;
  • Mature;
  • Threesome;
  • Big tits;
  • Amateur.

If we are talking about categories the development of which is caused by technology, one of the most popular (and is expected to be even more in demand) is Hentai. The technologies for drawing cartoons develops constantly, and hentai lovers can enjoy more and more high-quality products.

As it has already been said earlier, VR also influences the types of sex videos people watch. Due to VR, the following genres rise in demand:

  • POV;
  • Blowjob;
  • Handjob;
  • BDSM (Mistress);
  • Pussy eating;
  • Threesome.

Another important factor that influences the formation of trends in adult content is society. As a result of a feminist approach to many aspects of modern life, many studios start creating the so-called female-friendly movies. These sex movies do not contain violence over women of any kind, raping, any type of male dominance, etc.

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Pornsites That Have VR Porn

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It is not that easy to spot a reliable and reputable adult platform that offers virtual reality sex videos for free. Firstly, VR sex movies are not easy to film, they take lots of time, effort, and money from the team. Therefore, they are released less often than conventional sex movies.

They also cost more for the platforms to buy, therefore, not each and every website can afford buying new videos on a regular basis, and for sure, not each website can afford to show these videos to the users for free.

So, usually you either find a good, reputable, and reliable platform that offers virtual reality porn only if you buy a subscription, or you find free VR porn, but on a fraudulent site that sends you spam, potentially has viruses and malware, and have not updated its design since 1990.

However, there is a way out of this situation. Just check the list of quality platforms that provide VR adult content without a subscription, without malware, totally free of charge.

VR Platforms

These are the resources where you can find the best and the most recent sex videos shot in the virtual reality technology:

  • VRBangers;
  • VirtualRealPorn;
  • SexLikeReal;
  • VirtualTaboo;
  • NaughtyAmerican;
  • CzechVRVRCosplayX;
  • VRHush;
  • RealityLovers;
  • XVirtual;
  • 18VR;
  • KinkyVR;
  • VRPorn;
  • StripChat;
  • 3DXChat;
  • Red Light Center;
  • 3D SexVilla 2;
  • PornTube;
  • Fux;
  • PornBraze;
  • Motherless;
  • TubeGalore;
  • Bellesa;
  • PornHub;
  • ForHerTube;
  • LustCinema;
  • EroticaX.

The best thing about these resources is they are safe for your sensitive data and don’t send you any time of malware and spam. Also, you can totally enjoy the VR videos there free of charge, or buy a subscription to some of them if you wish.

Just keep in mind that finding a website with virtual reality sex movies is not enough to enjoy the technological breakthrough. You also need VR glasses or helmet, otherwise, the magic will not work at all. This means that even if the website offers movies for free, you will still have to purchase a gadget on your own. So make sure you remember about that.

If you are not sure which one of the titles in the list to choose, just go and check out each title. They all offer VR adult content, but with a different twist. Several of these resources are like 3D games, some have really huge communities where you will meet people who like the same things which you like. So take advantage of this list and opt for the best option personally for you.

Virtual reality is a cool new technology that will take your boredom away for many months. You will get an impression of the actual being inside the room where the action takes place. So, if you are still not sure whether the gadget is worth the money it costs, just buys it and give it a try. You will be able to sell it later, anytime.